The Founders

Bec McKeever


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, my yachting career began in 2007. Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work on some of the world’s most prestigious yachts – learning, continuously upskilling, and adding value wherever possible. Through a consistent work ethic and being surrounded by brilliant leaders and mentors, I developed a reliable professional reputation within the luxury space and amongst numerous high-profile guests; resulting in an invaluable professional network. My passion for the industry stems from the forever changing backyard and the organised chaos. With the need for one finger on the pulse due to the exciting fast-paced environment, never a dull moment, never one day the same, always on your toes, always growing.


Seeing the world whilst doing what I love has been a dream. Along the way, I formed unbreakable bonds and friendships that will be cherished always. The camaraderie and tight-knit relationships amongst the crew is a special relationship that only yachtie’s will understand and truly appreciate. My network and years of experience have moulded me into the person that I am today. I take away crucial life lessons, structure, discipline, and professional and personal growth; all of which are instilled into Virtual Pursers.


One of the many passions I’ve gained along the way is to protect the ocean. As a keen diving instructor, I’ve witnessed some unbelievable sights. Through causes I support, I want to show the beauty of the marine world and raise awareness of the damage we can inflict upon it. Besides this, I’m health and fitness-focused; I believe that being in top form requires a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to stay in shape, let off steam, and enhance professional ability.


Establishing Virtual Pursers has been beyond exciting. I’ve always been an ambitious person, constantly wanting to grow and be the best version of myself. As an entrepreneur, I’d love to play a significant part in pioneering a path and future for ambitious like-minded individuals. Furthermore, my ultimate goal would be to cement the role of a Purser as a recognised shoreside solution, with Virtual Pursers being at the forefront as the innovative leaders who made this possible.

Dominique Smit


My happy place is sand between my toes, salty skin, and a sea breeze. Growing up in sunny South Africa, the ocean has always held a special place in my heart which is why it is not surprising that I chose to pursue a career at sea. After completing my B.Soc.Sci in Organisational (Business) psychology at the University of Cape Town, I made the daring decision to move across the world to Antibes with nothing but unwavering ambition and determination to build an exciting life as a yachtie. This bold decision has enriched my life in so many ways, especially in terms of professional and personal growth. Not all glitz and glam, yachting is a ruthless, unforgiving, ever-demanding profession. However, I’m not one to shy away from hard work and after 10 gruelling but rewarding years in the industry, I am proud of the seasoned yachting professional I’ve become. I also found that my theoretical business background put me in good stead as I’ve always been task orientated and thoroughly enjoy working on a project.


Venturing into yachting, combined with the love for travel, led to my adoption of an adventure filled nomadic lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve had numerous truly memorable experiences. Some of these have enabled me to tick a few items off my bucket list such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with my business partner and friend, Bec, running a marathon in Florence and visiting the Maldives. Yachting has been a life altering journey where I’ve met some of my best friends along the way. With more ups than downs, yachting has given me a fresh new perspective on life, proving that anything is possible.


I have many passions, however reducing waste through sustainable and eco-friendly living is one that fires me up the most. Plastic pollution is a global problem affecting the marine environment, threatening ocean health, coastal tourism, and contributing to climate change. As an advocate, I hope to create awareness and encourage people, greenie or not, to make small positive changes. Every little bit helps. On a lighter note, I love the taste of adventure with a side of zen; I’m generally quite an active person who enjoys hitting the slopes snowboarding or balancing my Chakras through Yoga.


Virtual Pursers will be my most thrilling adventure yet. Our ultimate goal would be for our brand to become a household name. Being an entrepreneur comes with great risk, I hope that our courage inspires future entrepreneurs to take that leap. Virtual Pursers also challenges the norm, we aim to diversify the industry by highlighting the possibility of working smarter through innovative solutions. Lastly, we aspire to create a positive, flexible, enjoyable work environment for both clients and employees.

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