Leaders in Yachting

Chief Officer Marlies Sanders

Chief Officer Marlies Sanders   An ACREW nominee for Chief Officer, previous deckhand, mate, chief officer, and captain, as well as engineer, stewardess, and chef – she’s done it all! Having sailed, cruised, and raced extensively in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, East Coast of the States, and in the Arctic, including the East Coast of Greenland, ... Read more

Captain Tom Crockard

Captain Tom Crockard Tom was thrown (almost quite literally) into the deep end of sailing life relatively early on in his career. Having circumnavigated the globe on a sailing yacht, to now Captaining a super yacht, there are no waters he cannot charter. Tom shares his early journey at sea and the highs and lows ... Read more

Chief Officer Mairin Hunter

Chief Officer Mairin Hunter Mairin Hunter is part of the 3.9%* of female Chief Officers in the yachting industry today. She’s forged an incredible career and shares with us her experiences, hopes, and dreams. Her tenacity truly shines through, contributing to her success at every turn.  Mairin, can you tell us a little bit about ... Read more

Chief Officer Nick Ward

Chief Officer Nick Ward   At the young age of 9, Nick Ward embarked on his seafaring journey and has since become a seasoned sailor. In 2012, he entered the world of yachting, and over a decade later, he generously shares his wealth of knowledge, personal experiences, and future aspirations with us. Nick, you’ve had ... Read more

Captain Shaun Frith

Shaun Frith has a very impressive career at sea and is now facing a challenge a lot of Officers and Captains share at his stage - balancing life with a family! We want to offer our congratulations to Shaun and also delved into what life looked like before all of the responsibilities and how he hopes to continue life at sea.

M/Y Savannah’s Captain Chris Durham

M/Y Savannah’s Captain Chris Durham Amongst safety and modern leadership techniques being of high importance to Captain Durham, he is also passionate about developing and supporting a positive, blame-free culture on board.  He believes in the power of the individual and leads by example and through effective communication and motivation to inspire each member of ... Read more

Inside Management with Christie Curphey

Inside Management with Christie Curphey We have been fortunate enough to spend some one-on-one time with Christie Curphey in the work environment (a rare occurrence in our virtual world! ) and she is absolutely lovely! Christie works as  Senior Yacht Management Administrator at Döhle Yachts, one of the industry’s most established yacht management companies. The ... Read more

Captain Khalil Bethel

Captain Khalil Bethel Khalil Bethel recently accomplished the achievement of a lifetime – he became a Captain. Hailing from the Bahamas, he is a calm and charismatic industry professional with more than eight years of diverse experience in yachting, private, and charter. He is a confident leader and motivator with extensive knowledge of yacht and ... Read more

Purser Daria Biriuzova

Purser Daria Biriuzova Daria Biriuzova is a jack of all trades and a master at them too! With her hands in training future yacht crew as well as recruitment, being a mother and a full-time Purser on board, she’s a pro at juggling all of her very full plates! Get a sneak-peek into her journey ... Read more

Captain Kelly Gordon – Determined To Make a Difference!

Captain Kelly Gordon – Determined To Make a Difference! Captain Kelly Gordon has been featured in many yachting publications and most recently, and impressively, Business Insider. Hailing from a small farm in Indiana US, she navigated her way from Chemistry professor at a junior college to yacht Captain, which has become her true vocation. She ... Read more

Yacht Life While Confined Onboard With Desire Truter

Running a team on a yacht & entertaining guests can be a tremendously challenging task. Add in the COVID pandemic with its restrictions and life has becomes even more complicated! Chief Stewardess, Desiré Truter, gives us first-hand insight into guest & crew life whilst being confined onboard. She also reveals what measures her team are taking to create a daily positive environment.

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