A Purser is the central administrator and logistics coordinator for a vessel. They are responsible for:

  • Overseeing the financial matters, such as accounts, budgeting and financial planning.
  • All crew administration including immigration, visa applications and certificate management.
  • All guest administration and concierge, including itinerary planning and execution.
  • Vessel logistics and movement administration including port disembarkation and clearance.
  • Procurement and provisioning.
  • They are the main point of contact for shoreside parties.

A Purser has knowledge of ISM and ISPS protocols and superior communication skills. They assist the Captain and guests to ensure that all logistics run smoothly.

We understand discretion is of the utmost importance when working for the elite.


Acting as an extension of the yacht, we adhere to all the same legalities and agreements as onboard crew.


We have a Confidentiality Agreement with all of our clients, specific to their yacht, and take it very seriously; ensuring all of our technology is covered by anti-virus software and malware protection.


We will never send any information to a third-party without your prior consent.


Virtual Pursers use the highest forms of cybersecurity, always operating with a VPN, anti-virus software, and password protecting Yubikeys.


We use the same security-encrypted technology that you already use to share information with your management company / owner to ensure data is safe and not privy to hackers.

Yes, we do! Our team have extensive experience both working on-board and shoreside for a broad range of motor and sail yachts of all sizes. As Pursers with expert industry experience working on-board, we are able to provide a truly professional service built on the foundations of practical knowledge and understanding.
We are extremely proud of our careers. Together with our world-wide knowledge, we can confidently say we have many wonderful industry contacts and relationships that we have maintained throughout our time at sea.

Yes, we do! All of the wonderful yachts we have supported over the years have been world-cruisers. We´ve spent time in every continent with and without guests; overseeing all of the yacht operational logistics, as well as the guest itinerary planning and execution.

Absolutely! We've designed many exciting itineraries world-wide; polished and beautiful brochures, all bespoke to the client's preferences. This is a particularly important part of our services; one of our more favourable to offer. 

The physical cash will be handled on-board. Virtual Pursers will take care of all the cash administration that goes with it.
Receipts are easily scanned to us and, working with the accounting system the yacht uses, we will reconcile weekly to ensure the totals match for both sides.

We can successfully and very easily put together all the required paperwork via e-mail. Communication is the key to success as per normal operation.
Passports and physical certificates will be handled on-board, but Virtual Pursers can take care of the rest. Working within your preferred way of management; using your local contacts/agents or ours.

Yes, we do! We have worked on numerous commercial vessels and have cruised to many ISPS ports throughout the world.

Absolutely! We have many years´ experience with charter administration and can fully assist with all relative paperwork to alleviate on-board pressures pre-trip.
As industry professionals, we understand the level of clientele, and that discretion is of the utmost importance when working for the elite.

We are fully available to perform all Purser tasks from anywhere in the world. Communication will be set up from start to finish to ensure each task is performed effectively and efficiently.

A shoreside Purser is different to a management company.


Unlike management companies, who are usually the primary point of contact for owners and shoreside support for overall operation, safety, emergencies and legalities; Pursers are an extension of the ship for on-board yacht administration, port clearances, destination management, and on-board accounts, as well as being the go-to person for on-board logistics.


We know and understand the day-to-day operations of the yacht and are the bridge between the yacht and the shoreside management companies. Here, we assist both parties to operate smoothly and consistently.

Our services are designed to be tailored to suit your standard operating systems. We also have systems that we can put in place to keep track of crew disembarking / embarking and would keep your HOD´s up to date as per the normal operating procedure.

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