Launching a new build is full of challenges – time pressures, setting up processes from scratch and trying to make the operation as smooth as possible can be seemingly impossible!

We take one less worry off your plate, implementing an administrative structure from the get-go, allowing Captains to concentrate fully on operations while having peace of mind that industry professionals are there with full support.


Full Flexibility

Virtual Pursers can fulfil your essential administration needs in whichever capacity that you require, without having to hire a full-time crew member. Available for ongoing monthly services or once-off projects.


Along with removing all the additional costs that come with a full-time crew member, in today’s travel restricted climate, working with Virtual Pursers solves all of the hassle and removes all of the costs associated with it.

Hire Only When Its Essential

Utilise the Purser Template to create and implement the back bones and structure of you administration systems, allowing you to hire your essential crew when you actually require them onboard.

Why Virtual Pursers?

Industry Expertise

We have over 20 years combined in the yachting industry. Our experience means that we can get tasks done efficiently and effectively.

Forward Thinking

Not only do we help get things done, but we aim to streamline processes, forward plan and take your service to a new level.

Efficient & Responsive

We understand the fast pace of yachting and aim to be as quick as possible with our responses.


We love providing the best service possible and we know you do too! We aim to assist you in giving your clients a smooth 360 degree service.

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