About Us

OUR TEAM are specialists operating world-wide and have extensive experience working for an impressive array of yachts all over the globe.

With expert industry experience working on-board, we provide a truly professional service built on the foundations of practical knowledge and understanding with an innovative and adaptable approach.

We are an extension of your crew and act as the land-based bridge to your shoreside counterparts.

We pride ourselves on building lasting, meaningful relationships built on trust and consistency; communication is key.

Our aim is to provide yacht administration support to all vessels; no matter what size of the yacht or the extent of the need.

Virtual Pursers

Company Values


  • No idea is a bad idea

  • Forward-thinking / planning with every project we do

  • Creative approaches to all our problem solving

  • Growth orientated, both personally and professionally 

  • Resourceful, flexible and ready for anything


  • Supportive from start to finish

  • We work off a foundation of trust

  • Continued engagement- we want all our relationships to last

  • Professional affiliations are of paramount value to us


  • To ensure we build confidence

  • We go above and beyond to find the answer

  • We’re committed to the details

Company Focus


A yacht Purser is a yacht’s logistics and administrative extraordinaire; relieving Captains and senior crew from administrative pressures so that they can focus on the guests and running the ship.  



We are trusted industry experts in yacht administration, providing all yachts access to Purser support no matter the size of the vessel or the extent of the need.



Why take up unnecessary space on-board? We aim to diversify the industry by highlighting the possibility of working smarter through innovative solutions. 

Operating world-wide and having a physical presence throughout Europe & Asia-Pacific, we are your dedicated Purser without the on-board overheads, the shoreside solution, and the Purser you’ll never lose.


Company Policies


At Virtual Pursers, we personally understand discretion is paramount when working for the elite. 

We have an airtight Privacy Policy to ensure all of your information and data are highly protected. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. 

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