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Are you overloaded with administration? Not enough hours in the day? Important tasks are lacking your attention? Feeling overwhelmed? Managing too many things at once?

We are here to help! Introducing your Administration Extraordinaires! We do everything a Purser does, just virtually. Giving you more time and less stress.

Flexible & Efficient. 

We take care of your day-to-day admin so you can focus on what matters.

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Captains & Senior Crew

You're overloaded with administration and have a yacht to run.
Increase your time to focus on your guests, crew, and running the vessel.

Yacht Management

Yacht Management​

With multiple vessels to manage, you need specialised support.
Let us assist your team and fill any gaps. Become a full-service agency.

Maritime Businesses

Maritime Businesses​

Overwhelmed with day-to-day admin, this is an issue all business owners face.
Spend more time on YOUR business! Virtual Pursers are a specialised support team of industry experts.

New Builds

Working With New Builds

The Purser Template
Hire your onboard crew only when it is essential! Virtual Pursers can create the structure for your administration right from the beginning of the project. 

The Process - It's so easy!

Step 1

We provide a free consultation. We are happy to have a quick call or feel free to send us an email.

Step 2

We establish what services you require. Whether it be a once-off service or a monthly service, we are completely flexible.

Step 3

We set up communications, standard operating procedures, and programs. It’s as if we are working right there next to you.

How much time would you get back?


A message from the Founders:

We are honoured to work with a wide variety of clients, and every project we carry out is unique. Supporting vessels, marinas, yacht brokers, yacht management, shipyards.

Together, we say Thank You.

Bec & Dom

The Founders

Our experience thus far with Virtual Pursers has been a very positive one. The depth of Virtual Purser’s network of contacts and knowledge within the industry has proven to be an added benefit to what is already a service of the highest standard. On a large project such as this, the Purser has to be dynamic enough to handle their tasks with a high degree of independence, and using a Virtual Purser allows them to do so without distraction. Furthermore, their invoicing structure allows for a simple and transparent payment process. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Virtual Pursers well into the future

N. Roche

120m New Build

We are delighted to have discovered VP; Bec goes above and beyond and takes the right initiatives to get the job done in the most efficient way, with her experience in the yachting industry proving invaluable in providing appropriate and reliable support.  It has been an absolute godsend knowing that deadlines are being met and allowing us more time to focus where it is most needed onboard, we simply couldn’t be without her!

L. Piasente

Purser 109m

Such an innovative idea that just makes sense. We are grateful for their efforts and contributions, and thoroughly enjoyed working with their team.

M. Slater, Yacht Broker

Vic Yacht Charters

I was sceptical at first, but the process was easier than I had anticipated, and I have seen first-hand the significant impact that VP has made to the running of our program. Their industry knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism are prevalent in everything that they do.

M. Perriti

Yacht Captain 54m

Thank you, ladies! You can easily tell that Dom & Bec are passionate about what they do. Their forward thinking and planning were beyond our expectations, an utter delight to work with, we highly recommend their services.

C. O’Sullivan

Project Manager

It has been an unequivocal pleasure working with Virtual Pursers. Having the flexibility of the additional support week in-and-out has proven priceless. Their professionalism and focus have been outstanding, a smooth and easy process, always meeting deadlines and alleviating my workload, allowing me to channel my focus onboard where it is needed most.

R. Buck

Yacht Captain 44m

I found Bec to be competent and trustworthy, with a great sense of maturity, handling stressful situations with grace. Bec further impressed me with her overall demeanour, her attitude and adaptability, and her incredible ability to deliver on all levels of expectation.

J. Hall

Yacht Captain 78m

I would recommend Dominique to any Captain or Yacht Owner with no hesitation. She is professional, pleasant and very honest, she is an asset to any corporation, always striving for the best.

G. Smith

Yacht Captain, 40m

I was introduced to VP as a solution when my admin assistant was forced to focus solely on our marketing. Today I have a scalable team of assistants with in depth yachting knowledge which, apart from handling the mundane admin tasks, go and solve every challenge thrown at them. This has decreased my personal workload and further increased the quality and scope of our services. Now our Pocket Superyacht owners have Invisible Superyacht Pursers on board! 

J. Oomes

Invisible Crew


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