Fill Up Your Cup!

Fill Up To Overflow

Do you constantly feel drained? Do you feel like everyone is demanding a piece of you every day and you’re not sure how much longer until you cave to the pressure and completely crack? Ok, it may not be this dramatic for you, but you may have some feelings of exhaustion and general depletion of energy right?
What if I told you that all of that can change and you could possibly accomplish and give even more than you already are without those feelings? You could give more and feel energised and happy? What we’ll get into may seem counterintuitive but it is the best advice I have received so far and has completely changed the way I operate.
Let’s put it like this – everyone starts their day off with a certain amount in their cups. This cup represents your health, fulfilment, energy levels, emotional states etc. Everyone starts off with a certain amount and your interactions throughout the day each use up a bit of what’s in your cup. Desperation, anxiety, and stress all cost you coins too. Inversely, gratitude, love and positive experience fill your cup up.

The Foundation

Now in order to have a strong cup, with no cracks, you need to build a strong foundation and patch up any holes – you need to strengthen your mind and body. Sleep, exercise, healthy food and meditation are the four major components of a strong foundation. And yes, you have heard this a thousand times but everyone needs reminding right? If you can create even micro habits to allow you to get into a good routine incorporating just these four elements you’re setting yourself up for success EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Filling

Contrary to how it feels, filling up your cup first is not selfish or self-indulgent. You aren’t being irresponsible, you are important too! You need to give yourself permission to look after yourself. Self-care comes first and everything else comes after – you cannot provide what you don’t have.
There are many ways you can fill your cup up but three simple ways to start are:

1. Positive self-talk:

We often don’t realise the amount of negative self-talk that goes on inside our heads. We also take these and subconsciously internalise them as our truth. Firstly take note of when you are speaking negatively to yourself, secondly, turn that around and be your own cheerleader and motivator! Picture you talking to your mother/best friend/sibling/partner – you would never put them down as you do to yourself right? So why do the same to yourself?

2. Practise Gratitude:

Being grateful does not equate to being positive. There are always going to be negativities in your life, that is unavoidable. Learning to redirect your energy to the things that make you feel good, for example, your accomplishments, or when you solve a problem, will energise you to accomplish more and give you the confidence to solve the problems in front of you. This is going to propel you into a constant forward-flowing motion rather than feeling stuck, despondent and helpless. Your gratitude will always be rewarded.

3. Set boundaries:

These are extremely important when it comes to prioritising yourself so that you feel good, rather than overextending yourself for others. Boundaries are there to protect you and help you care for yourself. Chances are high that you will encounter some resistance when you first set and communicate boundaries but eventually people will respect you for them. Remember they are there to keep those that you want in your life and those that are not meant to be there will leave.
It all comes down to what makes you feel fulfilled. What brings you joy? What do you absolutely LOVE doing? Give that gift to yourself.

The Result

If you keep on filling your cup, it will eventually overflow, therefore allowing you to give completely and freely to others without even a second thought of yourself. Not only that but it will come from a place of energy and abundance.  The amazing thing is that you can always fill up your own cup. Ensure that you give to yourself first and will always be able to give to others.